Why I still work with large, dysfunctional organisations (even though I should know better)

I still work with large, dysfunctional organisations

Yes, I know that there are many things that they could be doing better.

Yes, I know that they are far from ideal with regards to agile or Scrum.

Yes, I know that they might never even get close, given the climate, size, culture and politics in the organisation.

Especially if they don’t believe they can.

I wish they could get to no estimates.

I wish they would do some agile chartering.

I wish they could believe that architecture can emerge.

I wish they could re-organise into value-streams.

I wish they could better understand what value means to them and WHY.

I wish, I wish …………….

Yes, I leave exhausted and de-moralised sometimes.

Yes, I palm-plant. Regularly.

Yes, I know I couldn’t do it as a full-time, five days a week gig.

However I keep going back.

Not for the money (I don’t charge large dysfunctional organisations any more than I charge small, nimble ones).

Certainly not for the convenience.

I go back because I really feel I am helping to make a positive difference.

Maybe it’s a small difference when we look at what is possible in the world.

It’s certainly small compared to some of the amazing teams I have had the pleasure of knowing and/or working with.

I don’t think it feels small to the people who work there though.

It doesn’t look small either when I compare the sterile, silent workplaces I walk into with the vibrant, collaborative ones I visit later.

People tell me their working lives have changed massively and for the better.

So I go back, shine a gentle beam on some of the things I notice.

I try and be gentle even when I want to shout “WTF”.

Sometimes I just state my observation.

Sometimes I suggest other ways.

Some things change. Some things stay the same. Maybe some even get worse.

One day I will get so frustrated and tired I will stop.

One day. But not just yet.


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