From Cucumber to Rebel

The last 18 months or so with Cucumber has been the most amazing time with THE MOST FABULOUS group of people, and quite the ride. From getting the opportunity to code again commercially and try out remote mobbing, to strategizing with Wardley maps and X-Matrices, to re-appearing from getting changed for an event at a meet-up to be told I was now the CEO (probably the most random thing that has happened in my whole career – and there have been a few). I have learned so much, and what a fabulous, supportive, ethical, inquisitive and caring group to have learned with.

So why on earth would I leave?

Well, hanging over me more and more this year, especially after briefly joining Extinction Rebellion in London, has been my own heightened awareness of the climate emergency and the state of the planet.

Of course I’m no expert, but the panel of scientists that put together the IPCC report are, and they are all in agreement that things are very very dire and unless we make wide-reaching and systemic changes as soon as possible, things are very likely to go from dire to catastrophic.

It’s not a risk I am willing to take.

So I’m not going on the next part of the Cucumber journey. I’m tangenting off on my own mission, starting with putting my own house in order by: Switching to Ecosia as my search engine (money from ads plants trees) and Ecotricity for my electric (100% clean electricity); Trying to rid ourselves of single use plastics; Replacing my old and very tired car with an electric one instead of what I was intending to get; Installing even more solar panels; Trying to make an informed decision about heat pumps to replace the hideous oil burning system we have; Moving my weekly shop to Riverford Organics and refill shops; Boycotting fashion by not buying any new clothes for a year and Cutting back severely on flying (Last year I did more than 20 trips, this year it will be just 4). And carbon off-setting any flights I do still have to take. (If you are wondering why being plant-based isn’t on this list, apart from the occasional slip, I have been more or less vegan for many years).

I’m still very far from being any kind of perfect beacon of environmental living but I’m trying. I’m trying really, really hard.

I have joined both local XR groups (geographically I fall right in the middle), and am helping to found a green group in my nearest small town. At the same time I’m trying to navigate the wider XR organization enough to find the right place to use the energy and skills I have. And they need so many of the people we have in our community – facilitators, speakers, trainers, coaches, technicians.

So I invite you to join me.
With as little or as much time and energy as you can.

Without a planet there will be no tech, so let’s put this at the top of our backlog.

Yours in love and rage, Sal x


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